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Stop Press information on Groups – Possible New Groups -The History of Aviation, Ecology/Biodiversity, Walking Football, Patchwork and Quilting, Debate and Discussion,  2nd Writing for Pleasure Group, 2nd Murder Book Group.

Our established groups are:

Ambling, Architecture, Art gallery visits, Art history appreciation 1&2, Badminton, Beeston real ale group (BRAG), Birdwatching, Murder book group, Book group 1, Book group 4, Between the covers, Book group 5, The 5th chapter, Book group Readers’ rendezvous, Bowls, Bridge, Buddies, Canasta, Cinema & film, Craft, Exploring spirituality, Family history/genealogy, French conversation, Garden visits, German conversation, German for beginners, History, International dance, Italian, Jazz appreciation, Knit, crochet & natter, Latin, Latin for beginners, Learn to program IT, Let’s right Shakespeare, Lunch groups 1&2, Mah-Jong, Music, Philosophy & religion, Photography, Play reading, Poetry appreciation, Practical art, Practical gardening, Psychology & sociology, Quiz, Recorders, Rummikub, Science, Scottish country dancing, Scrabble, Self help art group, Singing for fun, Spanish conversation, Table tennis 1,2,3 & 4, Theatre outings, Ukelele 1&2, Understanding the landscape, Walks long, Walks medium 1&2, Walks short, What the papers say, Whist, Wine appreciation 1,2&3, Writing for pleasure, Yoga.

For the full list of Groups and when and where they meet look on the Groups page. 

New Group Information from Chris Chater,  Group Coordinator,

Please remember that the U3A ethos is about learning with and from its members, once it is known how many members may be interested in joining the group, an initial meeting will be arranged to discuss the formation of each new group, and the way forward. At the present no one is leading any of the suggested new groups. If no one is willing to lead or be part of a team, the group will not happen.

Possible New Groups

Having a Great idea for a group is just Brilliant, working together is what the U3A is about. Basically, we do things together it’s up to the members to make it happen otherwise it will not happen

Members have made suggestions to start up the following groups but please remember whatever the group you are interested in why not get together and work as a team to make happen!

The History of Aviation has extended over more than two thousand years, from the earliest forms of aviation, kites and attempts at tower jumping, to supersonic, and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air-jets.

Ecology/Biodiversity – In essence, it’s the variety of ways that species interact with each other and their environment.

Walking Football – is a variant of football that is aimed at keeping people aged over 50 involved with football if, due to a lack of mobility or for other reason, they are not able to play the traditional game. The sport can be played both indoors and outdoors All shapes and sizes, male and female will be welcome. It has been said that it is an excellent cardio-vascular exercise and beats a session in gym every time!

Patchwork and Quilting – can be a joy for anyone, skills can be varied learn how to do patchwork/quilting

Debate and Discussion – are two terms that are often used interchangeably since many people do not realize that there is a difference between the two. Debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two individuals/teams. Discussion is an exchange of ideas, information, opinions between a group of people.

2nd Writing for Pleasure Group [1st one is full] – Think about this subject and realise that writing allows you to be free with your own thoughts, it exercises the intelligent side of the brain and brings about deep satisfaction.

2nd Murder Book Group – [1st one is full] why not explore a murder mystery novel purely for fun, there is an interesting range of books from crime writers all over the world.

If you are interested in any of the above groups please contact Chris Chater Beeston U3A Group Coordinator email or telephone number 07598713256 and leave a message.


We intend that the Astronomy Group will appeal to both beginners who would like to know more about the night sky, and also those who wish to have a more detailed knowledge of astronomy. Everyone who has an interest in astronomy will be very welcome.
The scope of the group includes:
– exploring and understanding the night sky, including recognising constellations, stars, and galaxies throughout the night and the year
– an understanding of the planets, their position and motion across the sky
– the moon, its features
– astronomical events, including eclipses
– an understanding of the universe beyond our Milky Way Galaxy
For more details, contact Richard Dinsdale, on

Practical Art Group

Are you interested in exploring and developing your art skills, learning from each other and applying these skills to your own work? Each session will allow time for members to discuss and explore different approaches and media whilst pursuing their own work. Share, learn and enjoy your art. If you are interested in joining the group – Please contact Celia Scottow. Email:



Beginners Italian Group

The Italian Group are meeting twice a month 1st and 3rd Friday’s 9.30am till 11.00am in the Wesley Room Beeston Methodist Church, Chilwell Road. If you are interested please contact Brendan Murphy facilitator of this group on email address

Jazz Appreciation Group

We meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2.00pm at Beeston Methodist Church in the Wesley Room.
We listen to and discuss all genres of jazz and try to arrange to hear live jazz in our area.
New members will be welcomed.
Please contact

Second Medium Walks Group

Contact Naomi Milner if intertested. email address Meets various days and various venues.


Our next Whist Group meeting is on Friday, 11 May.
We play Progressive Whist, which is proving very popular.
For more information please contact

Wine Appreciation Group Three

Leader: John Scottow contact details
Meetings Held: Every month on the 3rd Thursday starting at 2.00pm
Venue: White Lion 24 Middle Street Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1FX

Current Groups


Walks are held on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month and are a maximum of three miles in length.

Contact: ( or 0115 8752336) for further details.

Architecture Group

New start time – 10.00am. 1st Tuesday of the month at the Pearson Centre.

Di Fischer-Harman

Art History and Appreciation Group

The Art History and Appreciation Group is now open for new members to sign up to. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the Guild Room. Members can choose between a 10.30am or a 1.30pm session each month. To find out more, please contact Anne Pinnock (, or speak to Anne Pinnock or Janet Hunt, who will be “Meeters and Greeters” at this Thursday’s Open Meeting.

Book Group 1

Jane Smuith is no longer the Book Group Leader. Angie Rosser is the new communications person for the group. Email:

‘Between The Covers Book Group’ (Formerly Book Group 4) 

The Group now meets at The Pearson Centre, 2 Nuart Rd, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2NH.


Interested in joining a Bowls Group?
Meeting at Nottingham Indoor Bowls Centre, Beechdale Road, Bilborough.

Please.Contact Peter Noon for more information: Email: Tel: 9288131


Buddies meets on the last Friday of the month at the White Lion, Beeston. The contact is now Zena. Email

Exploring Spirituality Group

Tuesday 15th May 10.00-11.30
Methodist Church
Everyone is welcome.
Richard Eddleston
Tel: 07980 631 311

Family History/Genealogy

Group meetings start at the later time of 10.00 am and run to 12.00 midday.

Garden Visits

The time of departure to the Ely Flower Festival on 21st June is 8.30am from Lace Road, Beeston.


Knit, Crochet and Natter

The Group will now be meeting twice a month at the White lion Beeston the 1st Tuesday 2-4 p.m. and the 3rd Thursday 2-4 p.m. Members can attend on either day or both.

For more information please contact Sheila on Email: Telephone: 0115 9497433.

Long Walks

Beeston U3A Walking Groups Information Sheet


2018 LONG WALKS CALENDAR (Updated 10/4/18)
Emergency backup walk:- Ashford in the water
JAN Mon 8th Sue Cotton Clifton
FEB Tue 13th John Wilson Parsley Hay Trails
MAR Mon 5th Mike Allery Bramcote
APR Tue 17th Richard Coupland Chatsworth
MAY Thur 17th Sue Cotton Chrome Hill
JUN Tue 12th Mike Allery Linacre
JUL Wed 11th Mike Allery Ecclesbourne Way
AUG Tue 14th Tina Eadie Derbyshire Edges
SEP Tue 11th Dorothy Coombes Charnwood Forest
OCT Tue 16th John Wilson Wetton Hills
NOV Wed 14th Di Fischer-Harman Carsington reservoir
DEC ? ? Sue Cotton University/Wollaton Park 3

Hi All,

Please see below my report on our walk around Linacre.

The next Long Walk was going to be The Ecclesbourne Way on Wednesday 11th July but I’ve decided to change this. It appears to be impractical for a number of reasons so I shall be sending out details of an alternative walk as soon as possible.

Report of walk around Linacre 17/5/18
Mike led us on a 9 miles walk from Linacre Reservoirs. Starting from the reservoirs car park, we tried to find a well preserved lead mine in the local wood but to no avail. With a long walk ahead we did not have the time to make a good search. Our scheduled walk started off through Linacre Wood where Sue told us about the results of an archaeological survey looking at the mining history. After a coffee stop and then crossing between two of the reservoirs, we walked up through meadows full of lovely wild flowers, including orchids, to reach Hollins and an old abandoned Wesleyan chapel. Turning north, we skirted around Wigley and down to Birley Brook before ascending again to the highest point on the walk at Grange Hill. A short distance further on we came to Barlow Grange, a fine grade II listed building complex with details given by Sue. Lunch stop was in a field just beyond the Grange. The next section was through more lovely meadows, down to Grange wood and on to Moorhall. Just beyond Moorhall we walked through the much more extensive and pleasant Meekfield Wood to reach the unusually named village of Unthank. This name refers to land held without consent i.e. squatters land. This most northerly part of the walk took us to the outskirts of Millthorpe where we turned south towards our starting point. Barlow Woodseats was another Grade II listed complex of buildings where Bess of Hardwick lived with her first husband as explained by Anne. More fields and two stiff climbs brought us to the very welcome pub at Overgreen. Suitably refreshed, the last downhill mile back to the car park was not a problem after what had been one of our most strenuous long walks. Thanks to Paddy for providing this extended version of his Medium Walk.


Lunch Group 1

Dates for 2018

Wednesday, 30th May
Café Roya
Organisers: Linda Penfold & Julie Parker
Book in the Main Hall Today

Cancelled No Volunteers

Group Facilitators: Shirley Cooper & Glenis Fisher

Two Lunch Group

Next meal: Friday 18th May 2018
The FERRY INN, Wilford Road, Nottingham NG11 7AA
Organised by Barbara Rawlinson 01159 411779 and Eleanor Hickie 01159 701742.
Note: There is a restriction to 30 people attending

Two Lunch Group is managed by Peter Lyons and Pamela Bayley.


Eleanor Hickie is now leading this Group.
You can contact her on 0115 970 1747 or 0757 284 1043. Email:

Murder Book Group

The Murder Book Programme May 2016 – March 2017

Poetry Group

The Poetry Appreciation Group could do with a few extra members.
This group is very informal and we are all friendly people who love to read poetry.
If you would like to share your favourite poems with us, please give us a try.
We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Wesley room at 1.30.

Practical Gardening Group

The Practical Gardening Group has changed the day it meets each month and the room where we meet in order to welcome and accommodate new members. We now meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month in the GUILD room of the CRMC. You will be most welcome to join us there.

Quiz Group

Friday 18th May
White Lion Beeston.
40 Easy General Knowledge Questions Plus Fun Quiz.
Come and Join US.
All Welcome. Just drop in.

Readers Rendezvous

This Group is at full capacity at present.

SALI Dancers

SALI Dancers enjoy French, Israeli, Bulgarian, Romanian dances plus many others from around the world. Come and try us out. New members welcome. 2nd & 4th Tuesday 10.00 –12.00 Church Hall, Foster Avenue.


If you like word games and crosswords, there is space for you in the Scrabble Group. We are a friendly bunch who have lots of fun playing this fascinating game. Why not come along and give it a try? Beginner, or experienced, you will be very welcome. Contact for more details.

Scottish Country Dancing.

Leaders and Telephone Number: Sue and Andrew Morrison. 9164691. Email:
Thursdays of weeks 2, 3 and 5 (if there are 5 Thursdays in the month!).
We dance in the Beeston Methodist Church Hall (Chilwell Road) from 10:00 to 11:45.
New members welcome!

Singing for Fun

Led by Margaret Johnson, we sing with enthusiasm and enjoyment. There are no auditions. We meet the 4th Thursday of each month from 10.00am – 11.30am.
For more information please contact Elizabeth.

Short Walks

Ivor Case has stepped down as Leader of Short Walks Group.
The new leader is Stephen Horner. Email:
His deputy is Maureen Wade.

Table Tennis One

Leader & Telephone Number: Janet. 925 6048. Email:
Meetings Held: Weekly in term time. Monday 10.00am-11.00am.
Venue: Pearson Centre.

Table Tennis Two

Leader: Kathryn. Email:
Meetings Held:Weekly in term time. Monday 11.10am-12.10pm.
Venue: Pearson Centre.

Table Tennis Three

Leader: Helen Perbet. Email:
Meetings Held: Weekly in term time. Thursday 10.00am-11.00am.
Venue: Pearson Centre.

Table Tennis Group Four

Leader: Ian Plumb. Tel: 07910 416722. Email:
Meetings Held: Weekly in term time. Friday 10.30am-11.30am.
Venue: Pearson Centre.

Ukulele Strummers

Leaders: Bob Hill and Steve Mason. Email addresses: and

What the Papers Say (Current Affairs Discussion Group)

The Group has now reverted back to meeting in Beeston Library. We meet on the third Friday of the month. New members welcome.

Writing for Pleasure

For a second year we launch our Short Story writing competition.

The competition runs from 5th April to 6thth September and is open to every member of Beeston U3A whether they belong to the writing group or not. We are aware that our group does not have a monopoly on creative writing and there may be budding authors in our U3A community who do not wish to belong to our group but who would love to “give it a go”.

This competition will also be open to writing groups in our cluster U3As (Long Eaton, Stapleford and Ilkeston).

Please note that it is not a competition for professionals. Please do not enter if you have earned £300 or more from short story writing. Also, please do not enter a story that has been a winner in another competition.

The Theme of the Short Story:
This year we would like you to take a weather event and to use it as inspiration for your story.

Please note: It can be any kind of story in any genre, as long as your chosen weather event plays an important part.

  • The story must contain no more than 2,000 words excluding the title.
  • The competition is free to enter.
  • A short-list will be selected by members of the Writing For Pleasure Group but the winner will be judged by local author Clare Harvey (
  • A prize is being donated to the winner by the Committee of Beeston U3A.
  • All writers will retain the copyright to their entry/entries but must allow their work to be read out and displayed.
  • The winner of the competition will be announced at the Beeston U3A December Open Meeting on Thursday 6th December. It is expected there will be a reading of the winning entry at that meeting and the story will also be printed in our Beeston U3A Newsletter.
  • The top three stories will appear on our Writing For Pleasure website with the permission of the writers. (
  • There will be no feedback on the stories by the judges apart from the top three.

Good luck and happy writing and see page 5 of these documents for some hints for making your story stand out.

For full details of the competition including rules and an entry form click on Beeston U3A Writing For Pleasure Short Story Competition 2018 Entry Form

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