Architecture, Let’s Right Shakespeare, Psychology & Sociology

From the September 2017 Newsletter

Di Fischer-Harman writes: I have been asked many times, why? Why take on three groups?
My answer? I am having too much fun and to quote the late Barry Norman “and why not?” The beauty of the U3A is that groups are led by the group. I have found this to be the case in spades – the enthusiasm and willingness to jump right in has been exciting. What do we do? Herewith a brief history in alphabetical order:

Beginning as an idea from Chris (Group Squadron Leader) Chater, 22 members have taken up the challenge of exploring this subject without anyone being an expert – yet! We have had one instruction meeting beginning with Victorian Architecture, with a visit to The Park and a tour, followed by lunch, on the Watson-Fothergill Trail in the city. Next up ECO houses visiting The University of Nottingham’s Creative Energy Homes and the National Trust Back to Back Georgian Townhouses, plus environs in Birmingham. As the colder weather sets in we will regroup in November at the church to review the visits, and our findings on other aspects of Architecture including well known architects, eras, cultural aspects, building methods (vernacular) etc.

Let’s Right Shakespeare
Once again, I have been asked – why? Most regale me with horror stories doing it at school, or being dragged along to boring unfathomable performances, and then there are those who bring love and warmth to our group of 20, with not a bad word to be allowed against the great man. Most of the time we have a lot of laughter and, in some instances, bemusement, looking into the stories behind the plays; who it was written by, and for whom; the order in which they were performed/published and why; as well as the historical references used. For this we do have an expert! Plus a well-rested actor or two in the mix.


Psychology & Sociology
My personal favourite, I have always been interested in the human condition and have been joined by 26 other enthusiasts, including a retired Psychologist. They come with either a professional/operational background in the subjects or, just wanting to learn how we tick. We began exploring The Media with Politics in particular (we were in the midst of an election at the time), moving onto Race, Gender and Class to give you just a taste. Our next session will be on a Psychological Theory called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – a fascinating perspective for exploring the human mind and how we can change habits of a lifetime. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? We are also looking into a study of Personalities and Activities within Beeston U3A. Hopefully you will like to contribute by taking a few minutes to do a questionnaire. See below for details.

If any of the above appeal do get in touch: Di Fischer-Harman 0115 925 2353

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