March 2018 Newsletter

Click on Newsletter No. 28 March 2018 to read it.

Our quarterly newsletter is sent out by email. If you are not on email, and you attend the meeting, please collect your copy from Celia at the monthly meetings in March, June, September and December. If you cannot attend the Monthly meeting, it has been the practise that a copy is posted to you.

If you do not have email but have a friend or relative who could receive the email copy for you, an “email buddy”, then let me know the email address of that person. This will save on postage costs, which are quite considerable.

Additional Bulletins are sent out in between the newsletters and these are only emailed out to members. Other announcements are also made by email. It would help to keep everyone “in the loop” if members with no email provide us with an email buddy email, or if members could keep their friends up to date when they know they don’t receive emails.

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