Members’ Questionnaire

Celia Billau, Communications Officer writes: Many thanks to those of you who have already responded to the email questionnaire that was sent out a short while ago. Click on Members’ Questionnaire 2018 if you would like to take the opportunity to reply by email, having completed the form.

We would really appreciate a good response to this so that we can receive as wide a range as possible of the views of our members, and we can thereby make any necessary responses. When the Groups Fair was cancelled, it prevented us giving out hard copies of the questionnaire and encouraging responses, and so, for this reason, we have extended the deadline to May 3rd, the date of the May Open Meeting. Printed forms will be available at the Open Meetings in April and May and there will be a box in the foyer for the return of these. Emailed responses can be taken throughout this time.  Email your completed document to

Your opinions are greatly valued, and we look forward to receiving as many responses as possible.

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