What’s all this about Beacon?

Beacon is a computer system designed to help U3As manage their membership, groups and finances. We at Beeston established our membership data on to the Beacon system last year, and this information has now been rolled out to Group Leaders to help with record keeping and emailing members of groups.
Keeping your personal information secure is important! The Committee members are trustees of the U3A and, as such, must adhere to the principles by which the U3A is run. The Group Leaders and administrators are all volunteers who have access to members’ data for the purposes of running an interest group.
Confidentiality Agreement
We have asked all members who have access to personal information of members to sign a confidentiality agreement. This sets out the limits to which such access allows: data is used for the purpose of fulfilling a voluntary role within Beeston U3A and for no other purpose whatsoever. This form is signed by members who have access to the data, and then stored by Margot Gale, our Membership Secretary.
In this way, we are complying with the requirements of Data Protection as advised by U3A.

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