June 2018 Newsletter – Member’s Questionnaire

We were very pleased to receive the responses to the questionnaire. Many thanks to the folk who took the time and trouble to fill it in. This was a forum for you to have your say. We were delighted with the many very positive comments and we were praised for good communication, welcoming atmosphere, excellent outings and speakers and the variety of groups.

We asked what we could do better and we will (or already have) respond to the following

Plastic cups – already addressed

Problem hearing in parts of the church balcony. It would be better if members who are hard of hearing sat down stairs in the reserved seats at the front.

Crowded open meetings and hard to get a drink. We have moved the refreshments into other rooms to try to make it easier and safer.

Encourage more ethnic minorities to join U3A. We will look at this issue when we formulate our Equality/Diversity policy later in the year. This policy would include reaching out to people from all walks of life.

Identify more venues. Chris Chater our group co-ordinator has a list of possible venues in Beeston and the surrounding area.

Continue to promote 2nd, 3rd, 4th groups etc. This is happening.

Explain locations of meetings for people who aren’t from Beeston. We will look at this and see if we can put something on the website.

There were some good suggestions for new groups. Several of the suggestions already exist e.g. Rummikub and Bird watching. Members can find all existing groups listed on the website and in the newsletter. We will be working through the suggested list and we will hold meetings to assess the interest and to find folk who may be interested to helping to organise the groups.

We were delighted that several members said they may consider joining the committee in the future. This is particularly important because several long-standing committee members, including the Chair, will leave this time next year.

There seemed to be a considerable interest in the possibility of a Study day with some very good suggestions for a suitable topic. Hopefully the day will take place in Autumn 2018 or Spring 2019.

We asked how members would feel if they were given the option to pay the annual subscription by PayPal. Opinion was divided but this is likely to go ahead for those who wish to pay that way.

May 2018

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