Succession Planning

The Beeston U3A Committee consists of 12 members who hold specific officer duties and we currently have 2 people who have been co-opted on to the committee as they are prepared to take on some of the vital roles in future, when the current post holders stand down.

It is seen as very important that the committee work is operating in a highly transparent way, so that all members can feel confident that committee members are doing the best they can to carry out their official duties and it’s not a “closed shop”. It should also be evident that any member is welcome to offer their services and seek office should they wish at the next AGM.

We are governed by our constitution (which can be found on the web site) which states that officers serve for two years and then must seek re-election. The Chair can only serve for four years and must then stand down but may continue to serve on the committee in another role. Therefore, a new Chair will need to elected at the next AGM.

Holders of other important roles have given notice that they wish to retire from the post or not seek re-election. Therefore, members of the committee are co-opted so that they can shadow this important work and therefore be better able to take it on after the AGM. Experience of serving on the committee is quite important so that members gain the necessary background to help them get prepared to take office. Officers are asked to give a long notice period so that preparations can be in place for when they step down.

The only compulsory posts are Chair, Vice chair, Business Secretary and Treasurer. However it is also essential that we have a Membership Secretary and Groups Co-ordinator, but other positions are optional and flexible depending on the need.

The table below shows the current post holders and includes notice of retirement where given and any plans for succession where available.

Sue Blackley Chair Will be standing down
Chris Chater Group Coordinator Will be standing down
Malcolm Brookbanks Treasurer
Richard Eddleston Business Secretary
Lucy Beardsley Speaker Seeker/

Outings Organiser

Will just look after outings
Margot Gale Membership Secretary/

Vice Chair

Celia Billau Communications Officer
Elizabeth Le Marchant Brock Minutes Secretary Will be standing down
Steve Austin Website/

Publicity Officer

Breda Cooper Committee Member Will be taking on Speaker seeking
Jo Muxlow Social Fund Treasurer
Janis Patterson Events Organiser
Kathy Shipway Co-opted Working with Steve Austin to help with the web site
Anne Pinnock Co-opted Working with Chris Chater to take over Groups Co-ordinator

If you think you may be interested in joining the committee and would like to come to observe a committee meeting please let us know.

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