Computing Guides – The Value of the U3A Network

Need some help with some basic computer applications?

There are a set of Computing Guides which have been made available to U3A members. These guides describe a range of basic computing techniques. Follow the link below to find a page which contains a number of links to specific computer guides:

If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into your internet browser.

The page is from the Ravenshead U3A and the Computing group facilitator, Alan Paul, has made his guides available to any U3A member.

Click on any blue type to open a guide. The list includes Apple IMac, Apple Ipad, with an introduction, taking a picture and emailing it, using Skype phone/Video links and a user manual website Ipad Guide. Cloud Storage. Email: Gmail and how to log on and send emails. Setting up group emails, using Outlook and Virgin email systems. There is then a list of other topics which may be extremely helpful to many people.

Many U3A’s around the country have used them and have set up links to them from their own web sites. When they were first written four years ago there were 400 – 500 visits to the page each month, but it has dropped down to just under 300 a month now. It’s obviously very beneficial if you are wanting help with something specific.

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