Membership Renewals and Our Beacon System

Our membership year changed to start from 1st April for the year ending 31st March 2020, so that we were in line with the financial year. We had membership cards printed for all our current members prior to doing the renewals and these are being collected on payment of the £15 fee. For those who pay online, the card can be collected at a separate desk in the church.

Many thanks to everyone who has paid online. It’s been very satisfying that this method has been taken up by large numbers of members, and this saves an enormous amount of administrative time for our hard-working committee members. New members have also been signing up online, and cards have been printed for them.

As with any new system, we experienced some slight glitches, but these have been largely resolved. For many members, their cards say that membership expires on 30th April 2020. This is because the Beacon system held that date against member records, but by next year, renewals will all be adjusted to show the official expiry date of 31st March.

More and more of our group leaders are now using Beacon to email their members, and the group accounts can also be kept. There is a calendar which can be updated to show meeting dates and topics, and these are visible from the members’ portal via the web site. It’s planned that this will become more visible in the months to come.

If you have accessed the members’ portal, you will have noticed a link to update member details. If you’d like to check your record and see that it is accurate, please go into the portal and make any change necessary.

If anyone has any concerns, problems or suggestions, please email Celia Billau on

Beeston U3A is a registered charity number 1152882.

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