Drive On Course

We had a very informative morning with Via East Midlands to refresh and update our understanding of the Highway Code and were given advice to ensure that senior drivers remain some of the safest on the road. There have been lots of changes since most of us started to drive, increased traffic, complex junctions and changing highway rules, together with health problems to increase our difficulties. The aim of the course was to encourage driving whilst making us aware of aids available to prolong driving. We were asked various multiple choice questions, which were answered with an individual electronic device, giving the resulting numbers for each question (so no one needed to feel guilty about wrong answers). It certainly raised awareness of things that needed to be reported to the DVLA, which could invalidate insurance if not disclosed. The offer of a 45 min accompanied ride with a driving instructor was taken up by the majority off attendees, which I’m sure will give us all far more confidence to drive well into the Third Age.

If there is any further interest in doing this course, please contact Jo Muxlow by emailing Jo on

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