U3A Movement

The objectives of the U3A are:
1. To advance the education of the public, in particular,  the education of older people no longer in full time,  gainful employment in Beeston and its surrounding locality.
2. To provide facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

Click on this link to visit the Third Age Trust’s website to see the vision and mission of the Third Age Trust the national body for U3As

U3As are self help organizations.  All officers, committee members and group leaders are volunteers.  If no one volunteers to an activity, nothing will happen.

All U3As are governed by a constitution –  a standard document issued by the national body, the Third Age Trust, with minor details varied to suit local requirements.  When U3As are first set up, they are run by a Steering Committee which operates until the first Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This usually takes place within 15 months of the set up date.
At the first AGM of Beeston U3A, the members will elect a committee of between 7 and 12 of their number to run the organisation for the forthcoming year, including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Group Coordinator.  The committee consists of these officers plus between 1 and 5 other members duly elected.
The full constitution document is available for perusal at each monthly meeting

You can learn more about the guiding principles of the U3A by visiting its national web site. Click on the link