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March 2015 Newsletter

French Conversation

The French Conversation Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in the Epworth room from 9-30 to 11am. Conversation can arise spontaneously and also from the reading of articles which members of the Group bring. There is a range of ability but this is not a Group for absolute beginners.


December 2014 Newsletter

French Conversation

The French conversation group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in the Epworth room from 9-30 to 11am. Conversation can arise spontaneously and also from the reading of articles which members of the group bring. There is a range of ability but this is not a group for absolute beginners.

If you are interested contact Jill Davis at

March 2013 Newsletter

Both groups continue to meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month in the Epworth Room from September to the end of June. French starts at 9.30 and Spanish at 11.00. The cost is £1.50 per session though this may have to be increased to £2.00 since members only pay for the sessions they attend now and dwindling numbers may lead to increased cost for the faithful.

The French group is solely for conversation on topics of interest to the participants which involve group discussion – in a light hearted way! The emphasis is on enjoyment though speaking and listening to French is also an important part of the proceedings. The Spanish group has a very loyal following under Maria Ledbetter’s expert guidance and the members take a very active part and enjoy themselves into the bargain. Unlike the French group which is solely conversation these days, the Spanish group also learn some grammar and do oral exercises to practise what they have learned. Both groups welcome new members though neither group is able to accept total beginners.

The French Group is still seeking a new leader, but continues to meet on the usual Mondays (except there will be no meeting on the 25th March). Anyone interested in leading this group, please contact Jim Turner, Groups Coordinator on


September 2012 Newsletter

Next term’s French and Spanish conversation groups will take place on the second and fourth Monday of every month starting at 9.30 a.m. for French and 11.00 a.m. for Spanish. The starting date is Monday 10th September.

The French conversation class is open to everyone with some knowledge of French but not to complete beginners. We hope to cover a different topic every session which a member of the class will be encouraged to ‘lead’ for the first few minutes. Topics are to be chosen initially at the first session on 10th September.

The Spanish group is likely to follow the same pattern as the French group in that topics will be discussed rather than a course book followed. Some knowledge of Spanish is required for new members who would like to join the group.


We finished the ‘summer’ (only in name unfortunately) term at the end of June with a French breakfast which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone. The ‘waiters’ – Kate Little, ably helped by husband Iain – felt however that they would be unwise to become café proprietors and would do better to stick to teaching French or running a coach business.

The year 2011 – 12 was successful in that the course book, Talk Talk 2 was completed and many of the members of the group felt much more confident talking and understanding French by the time we finished at the end of June. The principal aim of the group is to encourage speaking, and understanding of spoken French, as opposed to writing accurately, essential of course for those who wish to become linguists, but much less so for most people who merely wish to visit France and converse with the French whilst they are on holiday.


June 2012 Newsletter

The French/Spanish groups have been largely successful and kept up the numbers, though the membership has changed in both groups for various reasons. Maria and I concentrate on encouraging the group to talk in French/Spanish with help from a text book and, in the French class, a CD which accompanies the book. Next year in the French class the format is going to change and we shall not be using a set text book which will make it easier for new members to join during the course of the year. Regarding total beginners, there has never been an opportunity in the French class for beginners to join and it is now not possible for a total beginner in Spanish to join the existing class. Unless someone else in the U3A is willing to start a beginners’ class in either language then that option is not available.

We shall finish the year at the end of June and restart on 10th Sept. The classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 9.30 (French) and 11.00 (Spanish).

If anyone is interested in joining a group please contact:

Kate Little 01159325728 (French)            Maria Leadbetter 0115 9223524 (Spanish)


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