June 2016 Newsletter

Salvete! Amici boni sumus et linguam latinum discere amamus. Semper ridemus

(I think this should be our motto).

Since we started in Jan. 2015 we have made good progress in our efforts to learn Latin. We find it fascinating (sometimes demanding) and very rewarding when we discover more complex derivations in English.

At present we have 11 members, but only one gentleman, who attend regularly.

Valete! Jill

June 2015 Newsletter

Our loyal band of Latin self – help enthusiasts meets monthly. After only three meetings, two prize sentences were “ filius semper equum rogat sed pater filio agnum dat” and “ equi aut in agris aut in bellis pugnant”. Now we can use the present, future and past tenses AND add extra interest by adding adjectives. WOW!

Linguam latinum amamus, non ignoramus!

P.S.(= post scriptum). We also laugh a lot. Jovi (by Jove).


March 2015 Newsletter

Lingua Latina


The Latin for Beginners Group got under way on Wed. 21st Jan. when 10 (all female) enthusiasts met in the Epworth Room. The assembled ladies were amazed at the number of Latin words they had been using all their lives, and were intrigued by the Grammar, which cannot be avoided in order to build our knowledge, rather like an inverted pyramid. Everyone (well, to be honest, one person thought it all too much) went off with sheets of “info” which they had learned by the second meeting on 18th Feb. If laughter is the best medicine our Group will be the healthiest members of the U3A because we had a hilarious 2nd session. They all went off happily (!) with homework, each to write 5 sentences in Latin.

We shall progress with our labours at the 3rd meeting on March 18th.



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