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March 2018 Newsletter

2017 saw some of our photography shoots disrupted by bad weather. However, the group successfully photographed, among others, Shardlow, Melbourne village and Nottingham’s Rock Cemetery.

Several shoots have already been planned for 2018, including Beeston Lock and surrounding area, the Nottingham University’s Jubilee campus and Derby city centre. These will take place in February, April and June respectively, weather permitting.

The shoots will be interspersed with indoor meetings (March, May & June) where we will review and assess the results our images from these outings. All sessions take place on the 4th Wednesday in the month and our indoor sessions are held at Beeston Resource Centre, Middle Street.

If you wish to know more please contact our membership secretary, Regine Gunston, at

Christine Hibbert

December 2017 Newsletter

The Photography Group continues to meet on the 4th Wednesday in the month, except December. The programme runs as follows. An outdoor shoot takes place on alternate months, with indoor meetings in between to review images, hear short presentations, etc.

In September, an outing to Melbourne gave many and varied subjects for the group to photograph. These ranged from autumn colours to church architecture and aspects of the village landscape. The November shoot provided a more unusual venue, when the group photographed Nottingham’s Rock Cemetery and the surrounding area.

If you are interested in learning more about the activities of the Photography Group, please contact our Membership Secretary, Regine Gunston at –

Regine Gunston

September 2017 Newsletter

The Photography Group meets on the fourth Wednesday morning in the month, either for an outdoor shoot or an indoor review of photographs taken previously. If you enjoy taking photos, particularly out of doors, then this could be the group for you.

New members are always welcome and initial enquiries should be made to Christine Hibbert

If you would like further information about the Photography Group, please contact Christine Hibbert –


June 2017 Newsletter

After losing its long-serving leader, Heather, at the end of last year, the photography group is up and running once more. Although no Group Leader has been appointed, the group as a whole has rallied round to ensure that the group continues and thrives. Many thanks all round.

Our first outing of the new era was to Attenborough on a miserable March morning and, despite the gloom, many great images were captured. Our next shoot takes place on 24th May with a visit to the historic canal village of Shardlow. In June we are channelling our inner Goth with a visit to Nottingham’s atmospheric Rock Cemetery and in July we will photograph the pretty Derbyshire village of Melbourne.

If you would like further information about the Photography Group, please contact Christine Hibbert –


December 2016 Newsletter

The Photography Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month either for an outdoor shoot or, on alternate months, at BMC for a review of the previous month’s outdoor session.

p1 p2Our August shoot was based on a very pleasant stroll around Bramcote park and village. This was led by Mike and followed by lunch at the White Lion. The main areas of focus were churchyards, vistas and street scenes. The alms-house at the top of Cow Lane proved particularly popular, as did the stonework of the ancient sunken church, plus a photogenic local cat. These images and others were reviewed at our September meeting.

We stayed local again in October, visiting the allotments in Stapleford. Here we found more photographic opportunities than had been expected. As well as autumn fruit and flowers there were plenty of ramshackle buildings, the odd scarecrow, gardening tools and some local ‘folk art’ to explore.

NB – there is a waiting list to join the Photography Group. If you would like to be informed when a vacancy occurs, or for other information, please contact Heather at –

Chris Hibbert

September 2016 Newsletter

P1The Photography Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month, alternating between an outdoor shoot and meeting at BMC for a review of the previous month’s session. The June meeting saw the Photography Group head to Staunton Harold, near Melbourne, where a varied range of subjects, landscape, architecture, plant life and nature, was available to photograph. One of the images captured are shown here.

In July, a variety of excellent images from Staunton Harold was displayed. These led on to discussions ranging from the merits of getting as close in to your subject as possible (e.g. Joan and the cows) to the wisdom or otherwise of improving our photos via computer software. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ shots demonstrated examples of what could be achieved by this process. It was suggested that the group might occasionally divide into two, so that aspects of specific types of camera could be explored.

In August the group stayed local and explored the Bramcote area, with the images captured there to be shown at the September meeting. A visit to the Victorian Papplewick pumping station was chosen as the venue for the October shoot.

Chris Hibbert

June 2016 Newsletter

The Photography Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month for an outdoor shoot or, on alternate months, at BMC for a review of the previous month’s session.

PJ1February’s meeting brought the Photography Group’s first shoot of the New Year at Nottingham Council House, with a tour of the building arranged by Norma and Joan. This was ably carried out by our guide, Charmaine, who relayed many fascinating facts about the history of the building to the group.

The entrance hall and ceremonial staircase were a good place to start. At the top of the first flight was the beautiful statue, ‘Welcome’, backed by a large, colourful mural. Above was the impressive glazed dome, which soon had cameras clicking. Moving through the rooms, there were many more chances to find that perfect shot. Items in display cabinets, stained glass window panels and a wide variety of architectural features provided ample opportunities for some creative photography. Later, members of the group posed for a photo with the out-going Lord Mayor, Councillor Jackie Morris.

The March meeting was a review of members work from the Council House outing, with Mike at the helm. A wide range of subjects was presented, with views from every angle. The ‘Welcome’ statue and bust of Gandhi proved popular, as did the glass dome. Although most shots were spot on, some were used to point out where improvements might be made. The merits or other wise of cropping, lightening and removing ‘clutter’ were discussed, with the aim of making the most of our photographic efforts.

PJ2Spring was welcomed with the April outing to Felley bluebell woods. This proved a popular venue, with a good attendance by members. The images taken, showing the blue-swathed woods in all their glory, were displayed at the May meeting. This session was also used to discuss suggestions for new directions that the group might implement. Article by Chris Hibbert

March 2016 Newsletter

The photography group meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month and runs a wide-ranging programme of shoots and also meets to review members’ photographs.

Jan6Towards the end of 2015, the weather was unfavourable and a planned shoot at the Arboretum had to be called off. However, an alternative indoor session was arranged on the theme of ‘Water and Reflections’. This proved to be a most productive session, allowing the group to try out new techniques and, in the process, create a variety of great images, some of which are shown here.Jan7

2016 got off to an enjoyable start when Heather kindly hosted a New Year fuddle at her home for the group. The first shoot of the New Year was arranged for February, being a visit to Nottingham’s historic Council House to capture images of its interiors, architecture and surroundings. More visits are already in the pipeline and new members are always welcome to ‘come and join us’.


December 2015 Newsletter

D6The photography group continue to follow a pattern of one month taking D8photographs or viewing our images. We break to get a drink, then form up to discuss relevant topics or for a demonstration around different subjects. Last month Mike Johnson showed the group some techniques for picture manipulation.

d7Here are a number of images taken by members of the group on our visit to the Lace Market.




September 2015 Newsletter

The last few months have had a slightly different pattern.

P1The following month after our trip to Saint Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham we went out again. This time to Felley Priory. The gardens were in quite glorious splendour the sun was shining and the bees were buzzing. Although there was another group visiting it was by no means crowded and there was ample space to walk and take photographs without getting in each other’s way. The P2coffee shop was a bit busy so not everyone stayed for refreshments, but before coming home some of us visited the nursery and purchased plants.

The following month we were in doors practising our portrait photography on some of the committee. The photos are being used to produce a Who’s Who of the Committee for displaying at monthly meetings to enable members, new and existing, to identify the committee and their roles.

P3Last month we had a marathon session, when we reviewed our work from the last three trips out. Some of our work you can see here but you can now see more of our work on Beeston U3A’s website Click on groups and scroll down to photography, click on the word Photography and on the link, in the black bar go to, gallery showing past activities and select the visit you would like to see.


June 2015 Newsletter

P1For our February outing we visited Shipley Park. The day was cool and overcast but walking up the hill warmed us up. We spent a pleasant time wandering through the wood witnessing nature waking up and the snowdrops beginning to open, perhaps next year we will go for the bluebells. Afterwards it was down the hill to the coffee shop where there was a welcome hot drink and a sit down. We discussed plans for a future session on ‘Getting to know your compact camera’. All those who subsequently attended felt they had developed their skills.

In March we reviewed our Shipley images. April was bright sunshine and we spent time at St Barnabas Cathedral and outside Nottingham Playhouse. In May we are planning a repeat of a session on Portraiture and Lighting, more of that next time.


March 2015 Newsletter

MA7MA8November found us being introduced to some very impressive equipment. One of our members brought along different forms of lighting, backgrounds and props and with the help of his friend demonstrated a number of different lights and helped us use them. At the beginning some of us were a bit in awe of using the equipment or bashful at being models for each other. However, after some instruction we soon embarked on what, for a number of us, was a steep learning curve. In the end not only had we started to enjoy ourselves but agreed that we wanted to repeat the learning experience. This we are planning to do in May.

We had no meeting in December being so near to Christmas but early in the month we met up and shared a light lunch.

In January we reviewed the images from our November session and started making plans for our future learning.


December 2014 Newsletter

DN7In August we reviewed our images from The Trent Embankment, Memorial Gardens and surrounds. Whilst we had coffee we looked at the relationship between ‘light’ and ‘bright’ in photography and a little about our visual perception of colour.

Down Our Way’ was the topic for September’s shoot. We were in Beeston on a DN8beautiful morning and our main aim was to obtain images of architecture. The Last Post was our coffee stop and having had a good walk round Beeston we were ready for a sit down during which wide ranging discussions took place with each other.

In October we met to review the images from around Beeston and to discuss topic for future shoots and for our “after coffee slots”.



September 2014 Newsletter

May saw our plans rained off, so it was ‘plan b’ and inside we went. Time was spent experimenting with soft drink cans to demonstrate depth of field and different angles of lighting as well as some impromptu shots provided by what and who was around. We reviewed the results of our efforts at our June meeting.

Our next shoot was at the Trent Embankment and the adjacent Memorial gardens. The weather was kind, the breeze tempered the heat of the sun and we spent a pleasant time taking photographs. We had previously decided that we would bring a picnic and spent an enjoyable time in the gardens socialising.


June 2014 Newsletter

New Picture (65)March was living up to its name when we made our visit to Beeston Lock. The Trent was well up and we were challenged at times by bright sun and strong wind but we did get some images of the water foaming. Spring was becoming evident and there was pussy willow by the Trent and spring flowers by the canal.

New Picture (66)At April’s meeting Adrian explained a little about how we see colour. He told us about the nerves in the retina and the different receptors for colour and contrast. White light can be split into the 7 colours of the rainbow, but we only see 3 primary colours. He then gave us a practical experience of colour; by getting us to stare at a coloured circle, then shifting our gaze; we then, (hopefully) saw the colour’s complement, or secondary colours. This he explained was relevant to our photographs, because using a complementary colour as background may produce a visual clash. We shall be looking at colour again in the future.


March 2014 Newsletter

In November we had a session of members’ questions. We briefly looked at restoring old photographs when we learnt it is not that easy. Coffee was accompanied with a selection of Christmas nibbles.     We don’t meet in December, the fourth Wednesday being too close to Christmas.   January saw us visiting Nottingham Trent University. Katie Senior gave a very informative tour of parts of the Newton Building which is listed. We saw some of the old building and some of the new, Katie explained how when work was undertaken the two aspects were incorporated. It was then over to us to photograph aspects which caught our individual interests. Katie has agreed to the images being included in this newsletter. After our activity we enjoyed coffee in what was the old library.  Future outings planned include Bluebells at Shipley Park, Trent Bridge and the Embankment, Green’s Windmill and Beeston Lock.


December 2013 Newsletter

P1Since the last update we have been to Sawley Marina. It was not the best weather but we still found plenty to see and welcome new members. In the summer we visited Elvaston Castle (left) which turned out a beautiful day when nearly everybody was there and some brought friends as visitors. It was a good morning of photography and afterwards we enjoyed refreshments, sitting in the sun.

Our next visit was the Nottingham Arboretum, (right) We were challenged by a wet P2morning which turned into pouring rain. We consoled ourselves with a leisurely coffee and discussions abounded. The month in between each outing we meet up at Chilwell Road Methodist Church to review the previous month’s images, looking at how we might have improved our photographs but recognising that the creative side can be subjective and we can have very different views. After coffee we explore different aspects of image manipulation using Picasa or Photoshop Elements. We have looked at different modes of selecting parts of a picture, applying different tools, turning images into black and white and cloning. If you would like to know more, see one of us at the December Open Meeting.


June 2013 Newsletter

PhotographyIt was grey. It was cold; there was still some lying snow. And then it snowed again-well only a bit more. But we ventured forth to Nottingham Castle to take photographs. After a while we retreated to the Cafe and enjoyed the warmth, a cup of coffee or tea and a good natter, discussing equipment and ideas for the future. At our next meeting we were joined by some new faces and together we scrutinising some of our work from Nottingham Castle. After a brief pause for the collection of a cup of coffee, we explored a little of Photoshop Elements. Our exploration looked at the ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ options, turning a colour image into black and white as well as using the ‘clone tool’ to cover unwanted aspects of an image. Plans for the future include Sawley Marina, Victoria Embankment and Nottingham Arboretum.


March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Photography1In January we welcomed a number of new members and hope they enjoyed themselves. We were due to visit Sawley Marina but it seemed prudent to stay in the warm, so we had an experimental session. We brought items to March 2013 Photography 2photograph, improvising with the lighting and settings, some examples are included. There was quite a bit of sharing of knowledge and conversations around our cameras–what did what and why.

March 2013 Photography 3Next month we shall critique our results and have a look at how we can manipulate our images using Photoshop Elements. In the future we are going to be having tasters of not only Photoshop Elements but Picassa as well, both are image manipulation software.


Enter the national U3A Photographic Competition 2013 – What Makes Britain Great. The twelve winning entries will feature on the 2014 U3A calendar. Click on U3A Photographic Competition 2013 for details.

December 2012 Newsletter

Photograpghy December 2012Since the last newsletter we have visited Trowell Garden Centre where we were made very welcome. For the visit we had a number of themes to challenge our photographic skills; one of which was Christmas, particularly decoration and lights, another was garden sculptures and foliage. Images from that visit will be featuring on the website – do have a look.

We have also been preparing a selection of our images for the December Extravaganza, these images reflect the work we have been doing over the last six months or so and many of the group have contributed a selection of their photographs. As a group we are at different stages in our learning journey but all aiming to be better photographers by having a go and sharing our skills with each other. We use different cameras some using compact and some using SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras. Whilst the group has grown there is room for others – come and give us a try.


Our Photography Group meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 10.00 am.  We have developed a pattern of one month out taking photographs together and the next month meeting in the Epworth Room at Chilwell Road Methodist Church to discuss our work of the previous month and any other business, such as the forth coming exhibition.

Over the last few months we have visited Attenborough Nature Reserve, Trent Lock, Highfields Park, Wollaton Park and Trowell Garden Centre to take photographs.   Lively discussions about our images take place the next time we meet.   We each have different opinions about the photographs.   Our aim is to support each other to enable and encourage all members of the group to improve our Photographic Skills.

A selection of our work will feature in the Exhibition at the Open Day – 6 December 2012  and a few of our images are displayed below.

Photographic Slide Show

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