Play Reading Group

December 2018 Newsletter

Following our short pantomime (Red Hot Cinders) at the December 2017 open meeting, we are performing a set of Victoria Wood sketches this year, with members of the group taking a variety of parts.

Our monthly meetings usually involves us reading selected plays, with everyone taking a turn at playing the various parts. The plays we have read have been varied in their style and genre, and have included Priestley: An Inspector Calls, Thomas: Under Milk Wood and Ayckbourn: Body Language. We mainly read in a “gender-neutral” style meaning we don’t take much notice of the gender of the character, but it often means that Jim gets to read the young girl, which I think he quite enjoys! We then discuss the merits of the play, how it might be staged, and ideas from our experiences of going to the theatre.

Come and join us, we often have a good laugh at the comedy and speculate the outcomes in the mysteries. Please email Celia on

Celia Billau

June 2015 Newsletter

The Play Reading group continues to meet on the 3rd Friday of each month. At the last meeting our numbers were down to 5 and we had to empty our reserves to pay for the room. So hoping for new members! Last month we read two one act Noel Coward one act plays which were really very funny although somewhat dated with housemaids and butlers!

In May Sylvia Trench led a reading of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman’ a much more serious play in June we are hoping for good weather as we are meeting for a reading in Rosemary Hain’s garden- play to be announced!

We are pretty eclectic in taste and always looking for new members with ideas!

Do come along and join us. Contact Christine Dornan 0115 9287576 or Suzan Gokova 0115 9289972


March 2015 Newsletter

The Play Reading Group continues to meet on the 3rd Friday of the month. We had a break in December as this was a little close to Christmas. However in November we read David Hare’s ‘ Murmuring Judges, and at the last meeting in January, we read ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. At February’s meeting we read Tom Stoppard’s ‘Arcadia’ led by Rosemary Hain.


December 2014 Newsletter

We have a steady membership of about 9-10 people and would welcome more (particularly chaps!) We meet monthly on the 3rd Friday of the month 2-4pm in the Epworth room CRMC. The choice of plays is fairly eclectic and has included Sheridan’s “School for Scandal”, Shaw’s “St Joan”, and in November we read David Hare’s “Murmuring Judges”. For more information contact either myself on 0115 9287576 or Suzan Gokova on 0115 9289972.


June 2014 Newsletter

This group was formerly known as ‘Performing Arts’ but its members have shown that their preference is to enjoy reading plays so the group has been renamed to reflect this. Joan Whiting, who has led the group from its beginnings, has decided to stand down as leader and the group will now be led by Christine Dornan. We thank Joan warmly for her work and efforts in running this group. We also thank Christine for stepping into the role of leader.

Apart from the Christmas entertainment ably led by Joan Whiting, the group have enjoyed reading ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and ‘Under Milkwood’, and, at the last meeting, celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday by reading some of his sonnets. The group meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 2pm at Chilwell Road Methodist Church when the subject will be Restoration Theatre and will read either a play or an extract from this period. The group is small at the moment and needs to increase its membership to be viable so why not give it a try! Christine’s contact details can be found on the Groups Page.

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