December 2018 Newsletter

Even the rain didn’t deter the hardy group of architecture enthusiasts, and our visit to the Jubillee campus in October was much appreciated by all who went. The campus is a fantastic vision of how architects can come up with futuristic designs which are environmentally-friendly when given the opportunity. The campus has been developed on a brown-field site, and now has impeccable green credentials, with roofs covered by plants to aid insulation, heat recovery ventilation, lakes which are sources of heating and cooling systems. The lakes also provide sites for wildlife to thrive, but that did have a downside given the resulting guano on the paths!

Di Fischer-Harman

September 2018 Newsletter

Fusion Fun!
Ever on the lookout for opportunities for the U3A Groups to get together, this outing came up trumps!

Some of our Architecture group joined the History Group on their visit to Gainsborough Old Hall where we were treated to a wonderful tour complete with costumed guide telling us the long history of the Hall, in particular – the Pilgrims. She was so informative, all those phrases we use today explained using such humour. Our group was there to explore the Medieval Architecture but were swept along with all the stories of its famous visitors, the plots, the intrigues, the additions to the building by the Tudors, Victorians, so much to take in. I can highly recommend a visit there, free if you are a member of English Heritage.

We look forward to our next fusion – Port Sunlight with the Art Appreciation/History Group and the general membership!

Di Fischer-Harman

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