International Dance Group

March 2020 Newsletter

SALI dancers – International Folk dancing with lots of smiles and laughter.

The group is flourishing with a good number attending each 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning. We have enjoyed some new dances including one from the Netherlands which is jolly. We have also revived a couple from when the group started – was it 8 years ago? We still like the Israeli with the lyrical music and enjoy dances from Romania, Bulgaria, Mexico, France, Russia, and Israel to name but a few. We are happy to welcome new members as the church hall on Foster Ave is fairly large so we do not have to restrict access. Come and see what we do.

Gill Morral

December 2019 Newsletter

Our group is a thriving happy group. We continue to learn dances from many countries – Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, Mexico and Lapland to name just a few. Many of the dances are in circles, a few in lines and a few in long sets. Many dances need no partner so ideal for everyone. Some dances do need partners but we are a friendly group and it all works out. The music is inviting, lyrical and rhythmic. We enjoy our sessions with laughter and friendly chat.

Do come and join us. If you can walk you can dance. We still meet at the church hall behind the R.C. church in Foster Ave. We dance for an hour 10.30 – 11.30 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

Our next date is 10th December.

Gill Morral

September 2018 Newsletter

From September 2018 the group will only meet for one hour 10.30 to 11.30. We will still enjoy a wide variety of music and dances from Europe and beyond, mixing our favourite dances with some new ones. The programme for 2018/19 will include dances from Israel, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, many of which are non partner dances in circle formation. We are an informal group so please come and try us out.

Dates and Times

September      11th 25th 10.30 – 11.30 Foster Ave R.C. Church Hall

Entry by car from Cavendish Place off Devonshire Ave

October           9th 23rd 10.30 – 11.30
November       13th 27th 10.30- 11.30
December       11th 10.30 – 11.30

Gill Morral

December 2017 Newsletter

Tuesday mornings (2nd & 4th) of every month are most enjoyable. The dancing is mostly in circles (or semi circles) but there are some partner dances which add to the mix. The music is varied. There have been some new dances added to or repertoire from Macedonia, Bosnia and we have re-learnt dances from Croatia, Bolivia and other countries. To me the dancing not only helps loosen muscles but keeps the brain alive – thinking remembering etc. It is a cheerful way to start the day . Come and join us. We still meet 10.00 to 12.00 Foster Ave R.C. church hall, which is a very handy place.

December    12th 10.00- 12.00 Plus nibbles
January       9th and 23rd 10.00- 12.00
February    13th  and 27th 10.00- 12.00

Gill Morral

June 2017 Newsletter

Following our Easter break we started in earnest with a collection of new dances. We tackled a couple of South American dances – one from Mexico and one with Venezuela. Both had new steps to have a go at, the trickiest being the zapateado step which caused some merriment.

We also had a go at some “drifty” dances from Bosnia, Macedonia and Hungary. We look forward to having another go in the future along with some of our old favourites.

We still meet at the R.C. Church Hall off Foster Avenue and would welcome new members.

Future meeting dates are: May 9th May 23rd, June 13th June 27th July 11th and 25th


March 2017 Newsletter

At our last meeting, we tried something else new – square sets. The dance from Sardinia had some interesting formations and patterns which the group successfully conquered albeit with lots of laughter – always a good thing. Each meeting we remember old dances and learn new ones so if there are new members we all start on nearly the same foot. We do welcome new members who wish to laugh and dance (dance walk) with us.

Next meetings are 14th and 28th March. 25th April, May 9th and 23rd 10am-12 Church Hall Foster Avenue behind RC Church.


December 2016 Newsletter

s2Regular meetings have continued at the R.C. church hall off Foster avenue. We have grown in confidence and ability. Last Tuesday (Nov 8th) dawned cold and frosty. We turned up at our hall to find no heating, brrrrr! We danced in coats, and gloves without a break – no time for teaching this week, no long walk throughs and we all had a good fun time. Some of us even managed to remove an outer layer!

s1A memorable occasion was our performance on October 1st in the Spiegel tent in the market square. The SALI dancers joined with a few members of Nutbrook International Dance Group to show a mix of easy dances suitable for the older age group, as part of a dance festival for the over 50’s. We followed a group who displayed flamenco dances. Our group displayed a mix of circle dances which suited the circular tent and dance floor. We invited members of the audience to join us in our final dance and to our amazement they just got up with no break in the music joined in the group and the floor was full. It was great; such a wonderful happy atmosphere. We followed this Israeli dance with its rhythmic clapping and easy footwork with an old French dance to round off our allotted 15 minutes. It was great to see so many people of all ages join in this “Age Friendly” afternoon of dance.

Comments Received included:
Your Folk Dance event in that wonderful theatre tent in Nottingham was such a success with so many of the audience joining in and obviously enjoying the experience. I just wished I could have joined in too.

I would like to thank you and your dancers, on behalf of Councillor Campbell and myself, for giving your time to perform on Saturday – it was amazing.

Diary dates
December 13th – dancing (with nibbles) 10.00 – 12.15 No meeting
January 2017 Jan 10th 10.00- 12.00, 24th
February 2017 14th, 28th


September 2016 Newsletter

SALI dancers

We had a great time at our last meeting enjoying dances from Bolivia, Taiwan, Israel, France, Bulgaria, Russia among others. We have enjoyed the music and movement, exercised our shoulders, our brains and our feet and had fun. We now have “time off” until September. We are happy to welcome new members to our Foster Avenue “home”.

Future Meeting Dates
September 13th and 26th October 11th and 25th November 8th and 22nd


March 2016 Newsletter

Jan5Best Bargain in Beeston. I really enjoy the group and think it is the best bargain in Beeston. Not only do we get to keep our brains and bodies working but we also get to meet new people and learn about other countries and cultures. (JB)

The group enjoys a variety of music and dances. This year (2016) we have learned a new dance from Romania with a lovely musical introduction on a zither, danced some old Israeli favourites and tried out a couple of dances from the Netherlands. Our repertoire includes countries from New Zealand to Estonia. Our most popular dances come from Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, France to name but a few. Our aim is simple – to have fun whilst learning. No-one makes mistakes although we may from time to time do variations.

At the January meeting, we did enjoy a laugh at my “technical terms” and also at the cheese basket dance with hands forming the cheese basket. This dance comes from Estonia. Come and try us out – the more the merrier.

From March 8th 2016 we will meet in the Church Hall off Foster Ave, behind the R.C. Church. Access by foot from Foster Ave, Access by car from Cavendish close via Devonshire Ave. We will have to charge £2.50 to cover the cost of this hall with no stairs.


New Venue from March 8th 2016
From Tuesday March 8th the International Folk Dance Group (SALI dancers) will be moving to the church hall behind the R.C. Church on Foster Ave. (Assumption Church Hall). There will be no nasty stairs to climb, a car park in which it is easier to manoeuvre and will be handy for Beeston centre. If there are less than 16 dancers the cost per session will have to be £2.50. Future dates are
March 8th 22nd
April 12th 26th
May 10th 24th
June 14th 28th
July 12th 26th
(Inquiries in Feb 2016 should go to Linda Selby)

September 2015

Dancing continues merrily on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings above the Fabric shop in Chilwell. We will meet there until at least March 2016 when we hope all the refurbishments at Foster Ave catholic church hall will be completed. Our new venue is spacious and pleasant but the stairs are steep. During the last term we have tried some Bulgarian and Albanian dances mixed in with our Israeli favourites and a few from countries as far apart as Puerto Rico and the Netherlands. We welcome new members as no partners are needed and we all learn together.

December 8th 10.a.m. to 11.45 Above Fabric Shop Chilwell
January 2016 8th and 22nd 10.a.m to 12 noon Above Fabric Shop Chilwell
February 9th and 23rd 10.a.m to 12 noon Above Fabric Shop Chilwell


August 2015

From September until Christmas the SALI dancers (international Folk dance) will be meeting above The Fabric Shop, Chilwell High Road. We will still meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 10.00 – 1200.

Please bring a change a shoes and be aware that some of the stairs are steep. Access is from the little side road through the archway to the back door of The Fabric Shop.
Inquiries to gill.morral@ntlworld or Linda Selby.

June 2015 Newsletter

Martin Wilson, who is producing a Third Age Photography Project, attended the International Dance class recently and he writes of his experience and photographed the group “doing their thing” It certainly looks like a good time was being had by all ! Martin wrote this piece for the Newsletter.

ID1I was made very welcome by the Folk dancing Group when I went to try and get some photographs for my Third Age photography project. The sixteen members who were there enthusiastically worked through dances from around the world; Russian, Jewish, Estonian and more. As one member told me “it is all about the music, we love the music and would come for that ID2alone”. However they threw themselves into the dancing with a lot of lively banter and laughter. The group was led by Gill Morral who clearly had wide knowledge of folk dance, not only musically but the technical aspects of the dances, for example stressing the need to have one’s weight on the correct foot especially during the transitions and changes of direction. I was learning fast even though I was not a dancer, I have two left feet so declined to join in but I am sure my clumsiness would have been excused if I had.

The temporary venue at the Conservative Club in Beeston was long and narrow, not ideal especially for the larger circles and squares but it worked well for the lines. With a low ceiling as well it was not especially conducive to great photography but I learned a lot. With the knowledge I gained, and time to plan, I will have better ideas of how to get better pictures next time I join them. I particularly look forward to doing so especially when they do a more formal presentation, preferably outside in a big space. That said I had great fun and we had a good laugh along the way. Martin


March 2015 Newsletter

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning we are still enjoying ourselves. Dancing, chat and giggles are the order of the day. The dances are very mixed in style and format, as the programme for January 27th shows.

We began with an old favourite Neda Grivna-(Romania_necklace of beads) before moving on to Zemer Atik (Israel) then a partner waltzy dance from Swizterland – Apenzeller Klatcshenwaltzer. This is a clapping dance with waltz from the Appenzell valley. We moved on to a dance from Estonia – Oige Ya Vasemba – meaning right and left so now we know some Estonian language as well! Nipping across the border we enjoyed Walenki with waves and arches before having a well-earned break.

After our break we learnt another new dance which came this time from Japan. The title – Tajimi Ko Uta. This is a dance good for coordination and has many terms useful for remembering the arm movements of the dance. Such terms Fuji (hands in a volcano triangular shape) take your sweater off – (arms cross then lifts before descending as one glides along). The last movement brought much merriment as we tried to make our right hand do something very different to our left hand. We finished the morning with 3 more dances, one Russian and 2 from Israel. There is space for more fun loving folk.


September 2014 Newsletter

S4The Summer term has been a good one for us. We have learnt dances from more new countries, including a lovely scarf dance from Russia, a dance from Belgium and a gentle story dance from the Pacific.

We will begin the Autumn term on September at our new venue – Conservative Club on Station road – chosen because of its central position, car park and ease of access. We will be dancing in the ground floor room. It is a long thin room so we hope to move back to the church hall on Foster Avenue when it is refurbished, hopefully early in 2015.


March 2014 Newsletter

Our numbers have increased slightly with a couple of new comers and some “returners”. We have enjoyed some new dancers and struggled with the unfamiliar rhythm of a Macedonian dance. We had a minor hiccup one week when the tape recorder “died”. We danced to an Israeli tune that we could sing before being rescued by Norah who went home for her tape recorder. We went on to learn an English folk dance “Gathering Peascods.” Our repertoire is constantly expanding. SALI dancers continue to meet on the second and 4th Tuesday morning. An exception will be April because of Easter. Future dates are as follows.

March 11th & 25th
April May 8th & 29th
May 13th & 27th


December 2013 Newsletter

We decided this week to adopt a name – SALI folk.

It has various connotations Stumble And Lurch International

Smile And Learn International along with various other possibilities but whatever the words you will fit to the initials we will still sally forth every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in January 2014.

We look forward to lots of new members who wish to exercise off their Christmas feasting.

Our dates for 2014 are January 2014 -14th and 28th February 18th and 25th March 11th and 25th. Please come and join us.


September 2013 Newsletter

July brought hot hot weather and yes there are dances to fit. These were either slow stately dances or dances where no hand holds were required (hands were rather damp!). We therefore enjoyed Taiwan dance, – High Green Mountain (alas no bells), a Maori dance, a stately Polish dance and a Romanian dance along with a few other dances in which we drifted around our hall. We still managed to achieve 10 or so dances during our 2 hours at the Roman Catholic Church Hall on Foster Ave. We start again in September and hope to learn a dance from the Norfolk Islands in the Pacific which is again another dance with no hand hold and therefore suitable for heat waves. Other dances will include Portuguese and the ever popular line and circle dances from Israel and Romania. Our dates for the Autumn are as follows

September 10th 24th
October 8th 22nd
November 12th 26th 12 noon
£2 (variable to cover room hire cost)

Please come and join us.


June 2013 Newsletter

The group has extended its repertoire with dances from Tibet and Taiwan. For the latter dance, bells on the wrist give a new dimension to our dancing. The dance is easy and fun. We continue with lots of dances in circles without partners from such countries as Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Greece and Israel. We have learnt another Portuguese partner dance which is danced in small circles which replicate the shape of a barrel and was danced when pressing grapes in such a barrel. Dancing continues to be fun, lots of laughter and variety. Do come and join us. The forthcoming dates are May 28th June 11th and 25th July 9th and 23rd and September 10th. There will be no meeting in August.


Decmber 2012 Newsletter

Please Note
One of the February dates for dancing has been changed. Due to a Dancing course in Torquay where two of the group will be learning new dances to teach, February 5th has been altered to Feb 19th. This means there will be two consecutive weeks in February – 19th and 26th. To cover the cost of the hall we charge £2 unless numbers are low then it will have to be £2.50

Dates for future meetings – still 10.00 -12.00 Church Hall Foster Ave,
December 2012, 11th – party.
January 2013, 8th and 22nd.
February 2013, 19th and 26th.
March 2013, 12th and 26th.


September 2012 Newsletter

A Sense of Achievement.

Dances from all over the world, continue to be enjoyed. New countries in the last three months have been England and Japan. It is not all new every week. Repeats and recaps help to ease the concentration which is needed. Indeed some dances such as Ma Navu, Zemer Atik (Israel) and Lenocheck (flax – Russia) are just three dances into which the group drift happily along. Some dances are partner dances, some with patterns and some need concentration. Oige Ya Vasemba meaning right and left is a walking dance, initially in a circle to the left, then in 2 circles going opposite ways, and then linked up circles and finally a chain. A great sense of achievement can be gained from success in any arena, including International dance.

To end July and set the Olympics off with a swing, Tuesday 24th July featured dances from Olympic host countries and participants. It began in Greece- Levantinikos (1896 1st Games, 14 countries, 241 athletes in 43 events opened by King George 1st) and was followed by Maitre de la Maison – France 1900 (World fair so lasted 5 months, croquet had only 1 spectator, some teams like tennis were mixed). U.S.A. – dance Arkansas Traveller – came next (651 athletes, 645 men and 6 women representing 12 countries as the others could not get to St Louis). The session followed in this pattern with a dance and some facts about the Games. We included an Israeli dance to celebrate their participation in 1952 and had a good laugh with our attempt at “Fujiama” a nickname for a Japanese dance with a wide variety of movements – jumper off – rice bowl – pendulum. These are clues as to the movements required.

Future Dates

11 September
25 September
9 October
23 October
13 November
27 November
11 December

We still meet at 10.00 every 2nd or 4th Tuesdays and to cover the cost of the hall we charge £2 unless numbers are low then it will have to be £2.50.


June 2012 Newsletter.

Conversation Piece

Question: What kind of dances do you do? Answer: Mixed dances, from lots of countries like Israel, Bulgaria, France, Mexico and Russia. Member This week we learnt dances from 2 new countries, Chinese Tibet and Albania

Question: Do you need a partner? Answer: No. Lots of the dances are non partner dances in circles and for the others that are partners we just partner up in twos. Some of these are progressive so you move on anyway.

Question: Why do you like it? Answer: Shirley “I always look forward to coming- it is not serious and is very enjoyable.” Evelyn “It makes me smile and is therefore an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours. Member “I like the variety of step and rhythm. I like the music especially the lyrical music of Greece or the moody music of Russia.

Question: What kind of step and rhythms are there? Answer: The Yemenite step is a common one in Israeli dances -a 3 syllable word a 3 part step- but it is easy especially after one has done it a few times. It is like anything else it is strange at first and may seem hard but practice makes it easy. Many of the dances have walking steps. The best way to see what we do is come, look and try.

Future Dates

June 26th only (not 12th)
July10th and 24th
August 14th and 28th
Sept 11th and 25th
October 9th and 23rd

We still meet at 10.00 every 2nd or 4th Tuesdays and to cover the cost of the hall we charge £2 unless numbers are low then it will have to be £2.50


March 2012 Newsletter.

The group is thriving and now has 30 members on our list, with an average varying around 18 at the sessions every 2nd and 4th week. We all enjoyed our Christmas session, as not only were there 2 teachers but we had an extra half hour to enjoy party food. Since returning in the New Year we have begun learning the rhythms ofGreece and thoroughly enjoyed a Maori dance fromNew Zealand. We also enjoyed the story of Cocoa- Koko Samoa – a dance from theisland ofSamoa. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in those little jobs at the beginning and end of session, collecting money, putting away chairs, closing curtains etc, and look forward to the next few months of Dance.

Gill, March 2012.

December 2011 Newsletter.

The group is thriving and enjoying a variety of styles, rhythms and steps from many countries. It meets at the Church Hall behind the Roman Catholic Church on Foster Avenue where there is ample parking and easy access from Beeston town centre. The hall is very good and so far (touch wood) there have been no problems. £2 is collected, per dancer per visit, to cover the cost of the hall and this will enable us to have a free week during December. The countries which we have explored so far are Mexico, France, Israel, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania.

The numbers attending vary between 12 and 20. Usually there are now on average 18 people attending each time on the second and fourth Tuesday morning between 10.00 am and 12 noon.

The dances photographed were Greek and Russian although on the same morning we also danced csangos from Hungary and Moldavia. We also enjoyed Romanian dance which actually originated in Moldova. Atlas will be supplied next time!

We all have a good time with laughter, a good sign, as there are no incorrect moves – just variations. We dance many Circle dances, and open circle dances in which no partners are needed. We have enjoyed a women’s dance from Russia where couples of ladies revolve like gateposts and then do a step called prepedanya whilst the arms are in a shape called (by me, – not technical) “Rocking the baby” Another Russian dance begins in a circle but breaks into groups of 4 or 5 with arching and tunnelling figures before rejoining into a cycle again.

Dates for U3A dance  2011/2012– Contact Gill  0115 9171831 e mail

March                   13th and 27th

April                      10th  (Easter Tuesday) and 24th           

May                       8th  and 22nd

June                      26th

July                        10th and 24th

Please note that April 10th is Easter Tuesday and that there is no meeting 2nd Tuesday in June. Times at 10.00 to 12 midday.

December 2011.

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