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What Happens if I Email

When you send an email to this address, either Anne Pinnock or Kathy Shipway, Beeston U3A’s Groups Co-ordinators will receive it.

If it is a general enquiry about Beeston U3A’s Interest Groups, Anne or Kathy will reply to you.

If it is a query about a specific interest group, they will normally forward it to the relevant group facilitator.

Over-subscribed Groups

We are attracting new members every month and hope to attract even more at the groups fair in October. It is very disappointing if they apply for a group and find that it is full. So, in the Autumn we will be starting a campaign to encourage existing members of popular groups to start a second, third etc group. Leading a group is not a one-person job as the tasks of group facilitator can be easily shared between several people. We hope that members who have benefited from a group will be willing to share this experience with more members.

Groups That Are Full

Have you ever wanted to join a particular group only to be told that it’s already too full and names will have to go onto a waiting list? It’s frustrating for people, particularly new members, who have their choices diminished by this.

The solution is to open new groups, e.g. medium walks 2 and 3 etc but it’s not always easy to get people to help run the new groups. Being a kind and sociable U3A means helping new groups get started and supported to continue into the future. There may be existing members who would help make another group become viable by switching groups or helping a new group get established.

However, if some members are on the membership list of more than one of the groups, which means that there are no places available for others, it would be helpful if they are actively helping to start up new groups as well. Let’s all do our bit to help groups thrive and get new groups off the ground so that all members have the widest choice available to them.

Email Contacts for Interest Group Facilitators

The committee has decided that all the email addresses on our website will be generic rather than personal, to protect group facilitators email addresses from Spammers and Fraudsters. This means that any one enquiring about a group from the website will be contacting This email will be opened by one of us, Anne Pinnock or Kathy Shipway, the joint Groups Co-ordinators. We will forward queries to the relevant group facilitator or answer them ourselves if appropriate.

New Groups News

We, Anne Pinnock and Kathy Shipway, are introducing ourselves as your new Groups Co-ordinators.

Beeston U3A now has about 80 interest groups, so hopefully, there should always be something that you like the idea of trying out.

However, we are always keen to hear from you about any suggestions you have for setting up new groups. Once a new group idea has been approved by the committee, the next step is to advertise it on the monthly rolling notices, in order to start compiling a list of interested people. We then usually organise a meeting for those people to get together to discuss the best way forward to get the group up and running. We always try to encourage a team approach to running a group, so that the responsibility doesn’t fall on to just one person.

Possible New Groups for 2020

We are hoping to start a range of new groups during 2020.
The following have been suggested:
Walking with Dogs; Model railways; Cribbage; Running/jogging; Beading; Long Walks 2; Extra-long walks and “Saving the Planet”.
If any of these appeal, register your interest by emailing –

Do bear in mind that there are as yet no leaders in place for these suggested new groups.
If you have any other ideas for possible new groups, do let us know.
Anne Pinnock and Kathy Shipway (Joint Groups Co-ordinators).

As new Joint Groups Coordinators, we are available in the foyer at monthly open meetings, near the entrance to the church.
Please come to see us to obtain information on any Beeston U3A interest group. New members are especially welcome there as a quiet place to discuss groups that the U3A can offer.
Contact Anne Pinnock and Kathy Shipway –

If you have a suggestion for a new group, please email us at

Stop Press information on Groups

For the full list of Groups and when and where they meet look on the Groups page.

Interested in joining the Bowls group?

Meeting at Nottingham Indoor Bowls Centre, Beechdale Road, Bilborough.
We are now taking names for the next tuition session.
If interested, please contact –
Bowl sessions are arranged for all Fridays at 10.30am lasting 2 hours – all members welcome.
Numbers are gradually increasing and we had 8 persons attending which meant we had 2 lanes open.
However, the other two weekly roll-up sessions are Mondays 12.30pm – 2.30pm, and Thursdays 2.30pm –4.30pm. U3A bowlers were invited to just turn up to these sessions, and play with their U3A friends.

Calligraphy Group

We are looking for new members to join our fun and friendly group.
Our aim is to learn and practice the art of beautiful writing using old and modern calligraphy techniques in order to hand write personalised messages and greetings.
We are also learning together the art of illuminated lettering and the relaxing technique of zentangle.
We meet fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm at Beeston Conservative Club, Station Road. The entrance to the room is through the car park at the rear of the building. Our next meetings are :- 11th and 25th February 2020
Please come and join us and share ideas and skills.
For further information please contact –

Chess Group

A second group will be started on a trial basis meeting on Tuesdays, at the Flour Brewer at 10 a.m.
First two meetings Tuesday February 4th and 18th for further information please contact –

Knit, Crochet and Natter

We will be meeting at the Pearson Centre from now on. Meeting 1st Tuesday & 3rd Thursday of the month – 2.00-4.00pm. Come and join us.
For more information please contact –

Recorder Group

Meetings on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.
Now in the Epworth Room, Beeston Methodist Church, 2-3pm.
We are a small friendly group and would welcome new members. The group is suitable for absolute beginners or those who wish to dust off their old school recorders!.
We play mainly short ,well known tunes and aim to have fun whilst we learn.
If interested please contact:

Scottish Country Dancing

The Group is not be able to take any more beginners until further notice.
There are still spaces for experienced dancers – if interested p[leas contact –

Singing For Fun

Led by Margaret Johnson, we sing with enthusiasm and enjoyment. There are no auditions. We meet the 4th Thursday of each month from 10.00am – 11.30am.
For more information please contact –

Writing for Pleasure

The winner of the Short Story Writing competition for 2019 is Peter Hilton with his story, “An Act of God”. Congratulations to him and to everyone who took part.
Peter’s charming story, plus those of the runners-up, can be read on our website: