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What Happens if I Email

When you send an email to this address, either Brendan Breen or Kathy Shipway, Beeston u3a’s Groups Co-ordinators will receive it.

If it is a general enquiry about Beeston u3a’s Interest Groups, Brendan or Kathy will reply to you.

If it is a query about a specific interest group, they will normally forward it to the relevant group facilitator.

The Committee has decided that all the email addresses on our website will be generic rather than personal, to protect group facilitators email addresses from Spammers and Fraudsters.

Hence why your query will be directed via to Brendan or Kathy.

New Groups News

We, Brendan Been and Kathy Shipway, are your Groups Co-ordinators.

Beeston u3a now has over 80 interest groups, so hopefully there should always be something that you like the idea of trying out.

However, we are always keen to hear from you about any suggestions you have for setting up new groups. Once a new group idea has been approved by the Committee, the next step is to advertise it on the monthly rolling notices, in order to start compiling a list of interested people. We then usually organise a meeting for those people to get together to discuss the best way forward to get the group up and running. We always try to encourage a team approach to running a group, so that the responsibility doesn’t fall on to just one person.

As Joint Groups Coordinators, we are available in the foyer at monthly open meetings, near the entrance to the church.

Contact Brendan Breen and Kathy Shipway –

If you have a suggestion for a new group, please email us at

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