Group News

March 2015 Newsletter

Group News from Steve Austin Acting Group Co-ordinator

There has been a flurry of activity in the Beeston U3A Groups area, with new additions and changes. The new Latin group and the Beginners Ukulele group are now established and thriving and the Table Tennis Group has found a new leader in Janet Hoult, who is standing down as leader of the Art Gallery Visits Group. Our thanks go to Janet who has been leader of Art Gallery Visits since the beginning and has done a sterling job. We wish her the best of luck with the Table Tennis Group. Nadya Lancaster and Barbara Johnson will take over leadership of Art Gallery Visits and we wish them the best of luck also,
new and potential Groups

Interested in joining a Bowls Group? Nottingham Indoor Bowls Centre, Beechdale Road, Bilborough are able to accommodate a Group from Beeston U3A. Experienced bowlers and beginners are welcome. Coaching is available if you haven’t bowled before or want to brush up on you technique. Bowl hire can be included in the rink fee if you don’t have your own set of bowls.

What the Papers Say
Karen Stainer is interested in starting a current events discussion group based on what is in the newspapers on the day. For instance members of the Group could choose articles of interest and they could compare and contrast how the news is presented in different papers. Karen is suggesting Group meetings are held at Beeston Library where newspapers are available. The Library has said the Group could meet there.

Quiz Group
After a break, several members of the Group have indicated that they would like the Group to continue. If you are interested in being a member of this, or any of the other new Groups then do contact Steve.

If you are interested in any of these Group, express your interest by emailing Steve Austin, Acting Group Co-ordinator,

June 2013 Newsletter

New Group Information from Jim Turner, Group Co-ordinator Tel. 0115 917 0353 Email:

STOP PRESS: Art Appreciation is from now going to be called Art Gallery Visits – it will be Art Appreciation group run in exactly the same way, just the name is changing to make a clearer distinction between the two art groups.

As we end our second year in Beeston U3A we have a grand total of 37 thriving Interest Groups. However, I am sure there is scope for more, particularly as we have well over 300 members. It is interesting to find out what other U3As are doing. For example, Chiltern U3A have an extensive and impressive list of Interest Groups which include many that we have in Beeston, but also some very intriguing and unusual topics, – “ Latin for Beginners”, “Sustainability, Energy and You” and my personal favourite –“Singing For The Terrified! “

I am sure that in Beeston U3A we have many talented and experienced people who could start up new groups and enjoy the process. We are very lacking in Scientific subjects, for instance, Geology, Archaeology. Or how about Ballroom Dancing or Table Tennis. Are there any Railway enthusiasts out there? We have a thriving Craft Group, but there are many other Craft linked pursuits that could be explored. You don’t have to be a Teacher, just enthusiastic. Help is always available. Please Contact me with any ideas.

March 2013 Newsletter

Exploring Spirituality
Spirituality is about the way we live out our lives and what gives our lives meaning. This group will be exploring that experience. It is open to people of any religion or no religion, as it is based on the belief that the spirituality at the centre of all religions has much more in common than difference, and that this is as true for many secular lives. The important point is that people come with an open and enquiring mind, and that they are able to listen to, and respect, the views of everyone else in the group, even if the words they use may feel uncomfortable and strange. The actual programme will be developed by the group itself. The first exploratory meeting was held in the Wesley Room at CRMC on Tuesday 19 February at 10 am. Assuming there is sufficient interest, it will meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.00am in the Wesley Room at CRMC.
For more information contact Richard Eddleston on 0115 925 2586 or email:

Fun with Numbers
This is a new venture in that it will consist of a series of talks by Graham Godfrey. The only necessary back ground is the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. The group meets on the first Wednesday at 10.00 am in the Epworth Room. The six talks have the following titles:
History of Counting; Pythagoras; Numbers and Magic Squares; Isaac Newton, a Nasty Piece of Work; The Story of Latitude; Summary
For more information contact Graham Godfrey on 0115 837 8791 or

Recorder Group
There was not sufficient interest in the recorder group but this will be offered again at a later date

French Group
The French Group are still seeking a new leader, following the retirement of Kate Little, but continue to meet on the usual Mondays (except there will be no meeting on the 25th March). Anyone interested in leading this group, please contact Jim Turner.

Buddies (MOTO)
The MOTO group, renamed BUDDIES is thriving. The purpose of this group is to enable single members to meet, socialise, and make friends in order to partake in activities which are more enjoyable with friends. We meet informally on the first Friday of the month at 10.30 in The Last Post (Wetherspoons) on the corner of Foster Avenue in Beeston. It is a very lively, informal and friendly group and members have organised events amongst themselves in small parties and so far there have been cinema visits, meals out, and pub quiz nights. If this appeals to you, why not come along and join us. Contact Marie on

December 2012 Newsletter

Our groups continue to grow. Peter Sadler led the first field trip of the Bird Watching Group to Rutland Water and the first session of the German for Holidaymakers group has also taken place, details of which can also be found in this edition. There are places available if you are interested in joining either of these groups. Contact details for the Group Leader can be found in the relevant sections. A third new group, Opera, is also being set up. If you are interested in this group contact Christine Shaw. Lastly, we reluctantly announce the demise of the Bus Pass Visits Group, which due to unforeseen circumstances never really got off the ground.

If you have any thoughts on groups you would like to be involved with or feel you would like to start a new group, our Groups Co-ordinator Jim Turner is always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Stop Press
The French Group leader, Kate is moving away from the area and will no longer be able to lead this group. The group is in danger of folding unless a new leader can be found. Are you able to take on this role? Help and support is always available so if you feel you can step into the breach, please contact Jim Turner, Group Co-ordinator

MOTO (Members On Their Own)

Our U3A membership is formed by people from all walks of life, and we have lots of couples, friends who come along together but also many members on their own. Our interest groups are many and varied and are available to all of our members. There are however, some outside activities which single, divorced and widowed people don’t do because they have no one to do them with. It can also be daunting coming along to the monthly meeting, or going to join an interest group alone and the MOTO group will, we hope, enable new members to meet other members and become integrated into U3A together. Our first meeting will be at 2.00pm on 5th December at the CRMC. It will take the form of a “Brainstorming” session where members can bring along their ideas and we can find out what you want from this group. You can contact me at for more information.


New Members Coffee Morning

As you will know, we have a New Members Corner at the monthly meeting to welcome new joiners and where they can find out more about the organisation. You may have joined with a friend, or know existing members, or you may not know anyone yet. The monthly meeting can be a little hectic and overwhelming at first and so we have set up a New Members Coffee Morning which will be held on the second Thursday of the month at the Last Post on Foster Avenue at 10.30am to approximately 11.30am. This will be an informal gathering where you can buy a coffee and chat with other new members, and members of the Committee. There will be information available about the groups and you will be able to ask questions etc. This coffee morning is not restricted to new members only so if you would like to come along you will be most welcome. Established members can chat to new members and make friends. I look forward to seeing you there.