Let’s Right Shakespeare

June 2016 Newsletter

Let’s Right Shakespeare began in October 2015 with a good mix of those who love the great man, and those who either don’t understand or find the bard’s work boring!

As with all U3A Groups, the members lead the content so we have explored his life story, the chronological order, the most and least known, and the background, of his plays. Also – did he in fact write them?

For an exercise everyone drew a play to go away with, find a scene to translate/interpret/transcribe into modern day English just as if they were writing for todays’ audiences and explore why it was written.

We even had a birthday (not death day) celebration.

At time of writing we are reading one of the top four most popular – Macbeth, putting together 3 scenes to be recorded as a Radio Play!

We are about 20 strong with a regular attendance of about 15. New members are always welcome so if you would like a taster session just get in touch.

Di Fischer-Harman