Psychology and Sociology

September 2018 Newsletter

A big thank you again to those of you who took part in our study into Personality Types (as defined by Jung) and Activities that people take part in within the Beeston U3A. The Jungian Briggs-Meyer questionnaire was used (see the following link)

As you will appreciate there are so many groups which offer so many different activities, so it was difficult to categorize them. All the groups are in essence sociable, Bridge uses mental agility but is it the same as the academic subjects – Psychology, Sociology, Science etc. Plus not all personalities are interested in taking part in studies, were afraid of what they might find or hesitant in answering other than uncertain. With one of our members exhibiting two personalities. A dilemma!

So the activities part had to be scrapped. We do however have a result of sorts.

We had a response of about 10% of the membership as at the time of the initial study – 73.

Of the 16 different personalities defined by the test, 13 are represented by members of the Beeston branch. The breakdown is as follows: Beeston branch. The breakdown is as follows:

ESTJ                    4 ISTJ                   4 ENTJ                     8 INTJ                  10
ESTP ISTP                  1 ENTP INTP                    3
ESFJ                  10 ISFJ                   3 ENFJ                    9 INFJ                     7
ESFP                   5 ISFP ENFP                   8 INFP                    2
There are four criteria which lead to the 16 personality types. Doing the test gives a score of how much you prefer one or the other in certain situations, across the four criteria, expressed in this order:
Extrovert – Introvert Sensing – Intuition Thinking – Feeling Judging – Perceiving

You will need to go on the site mentioned above to find your personality and read about what this all means. Why not have a friend/partner/family member do you as well and see if the results are the same.

Do feel free to get in touch if you would like further information.

Di Fischer-Harman