What is ‘Gift Aid’?

If you pay income tax, HMRC will add a refund of 25% to the subscription you make to Beeston U3A. This Tax Refund costs you nothing, providing you pay as much tax as the U3A claims back.

How much does the U3A get?

The U3A gets from your current subscription of £15, a tax refund of £3.75. For the tax year 2018 / 19 the U3A received from HMRC £1631. This is a significant amount and helps us to keep the subscription rate as low as possible.

How does the system work?

On your renewal form, or application form if you are a new member, there is a box asking if you would like to ‘Gift Aid’ your subscription and to tick the box accordingly. At the end of the tax year the number of people who have ticked the box is counted and the figure multiplied by the £3.75, or £2.87 if you are an associate member, and the total amount is claimed from HMRC.

Are my details supplied to HMRC?

Your personal details in the way of your name and address and how much you have paid are sent by us to HMRC. The forms have to be kept by us for seven years in case they need to be checked, but they are held securely by the Membership Secretary.

What if I have gift aided in the past?

To make sure that our records are accurate HMRC requires that Gift Aid authorisations are up to date, so we do need you to tick the appropriate box each time you fill in a form or renew online. It helps us know if you are no longer paying tax and therefore no longer eligible for Gift Aid. If you are not sure whether or not you have signed up for Gift Aid, please contact the Membership Secretary.


Beeston U3A is a registered charity number 1152882.