Welcome to Beeston u3a

Are you retired or semi-retired ?

Come to Beeston u3a and:

* Have fun * Learn new things * Develop new interests * Make new friends *

u3a is a large national organisation, created in 1982. There are more than 1000 member groups nationally. 

Membership of u3a is open to everyone in their third age – this is not defined by a particular age, but by a period in life in which full time employment has ceased. There is no upper or lower age limit.

Members explore new ideas, skills and activities together – they draw upon their knowledge and experience to teach and learn from each other. There are no qualifications involved – it is just for pleasure. And it is all voluntary, run by members for other members. 

It should come as no surprise to local people that the Beeston branch is extremely well supported, with 900+ members, a lively programme of monthly open meetings and more than 90 interest groups, operating for more than 10 years.

More than half of the Beeston u3a groups have been active during the pandemic, mainly meeting online. Some resourceful members have recently used available technology to form new groups, and groups that usually meet outdoors are starting to make plans to meet in person again. 

All activities have the support of Group Facilitators, Group Co-ordinators and national advice from the Third Age Trust to ensure members stay well informed and safe.

Monthly Open meetings are held at 10am for 10:30am on the first Thursday of every month, usually at The Methodist Church, Chilwell Road, but currently they are on Zoom. 

New members are always welcome!

More information at:

www.beestonu3a.org.uk or via email: communications@beestonu3a.org.uk

learn, laugh, live