Forthcoming Visits

Please note that from June 2017 tickets for all trips and outings must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Refunds will only be given if the ticket can be resold to a member on an existing waiting list, or if the purchaser can resell to another member.

Lady Lever Art Museum 

11 September 2018

A visit to the Lady Lever Art Museum part of the Liverpool Museums.

Travel to the above venue and enjoy time exploring the Museum as well as the surrounding village.

It will be possible to obtain food – snacks or meals.

Further details of the exhibition bearer the date. Currently it is advertised as Whistler and Pennell – Etching the City. Information regarding any changes will be forwarded.

Lady Lever Art Museum Booking Form

Lincoln – Cruise on The Brayford Belle

10 October 2018

Sit back and enjoy the sights of Lincoln and the countryside from a different perspective aboard a 50-60 minute guided canal trip with commentary about Lincoln’s past and present. Indoor and outdoor seating, lower deck fully heated or sit on top deck under canopy. Hot and cold drinks and snacks available on board whilst travelling tro The Pyewipe Inn, SaxIlby where you could stay for lunch OR walk back into
Lincoln – approximately a 20 minute walk, on a leisurely leg stretching stroll, along Britain’s oldest man-made waterway, the Roman built Fossdyke Canal.

Cost £24 per person.

Lincoln – Cruise on The Brayford Belle Booking Form 2018

Charles Hanson Auction House

Filming of Bargain Hunt.

15 November 2018.

As we had already visited Charles Hanson’s for filming of Bargain Hunt on two separate occasions, we will not be taking a coach for November 2018 as other groups are waiting for places.

Doddington Hall and Gardens –  Hall Decorated for Christmas 

29 November 2018

Visit Doddington Hall – A stunning, Elizabethan family home with fabulous gardens. A morning guided tour of the house which will be decorated for Christmas. This will give time for lunch, look around the gardens and visit the Farm Shop and seasonal outlets.

£27 per person. Cost includes guided tour and entrance to Gardens, Farm Shop and Shops.

It is possible to obtain food – snacks as well as hot meals.

Doddington Hall Booking Form 2018