Our quarterly newsletter is sent out by email. If you are not on email, and you attend the meeting, please collect your copy from Celia at the monthly meetings in March, June, September and December. This will save on postage costs, which are quite considerable. If you haven’t attended the Monthly meeting, a copy is posted to you. Copies will be made available for anyone who has difficulty reading the pdf document on screen, or for anyone who would prefer a printed copy.

Bulletins and other announcements

Other U3A news and announcements are made by email only.

Published newsletters (latest listed first) can be viewed in .pdf format.

Newsletter No. 36 March 2020

Newsletter No. 35 December 2019

Newsletter No. 34 September 2019

Newsletter No. 33 June 2019

Newsletter No. 32 March 2019

Newsletter No. 31 December 2018

Newsletter No. 30 September 2018

Newsletter No. 29 June 2018

Newsletter No. 28 March 2018

Newsletter No. 27 December 2017

Newsletter No. 26 September 2017

Newsletter No. 25 June 2017

Newsletter No. 24 March 2017