Ad from the ED. Help Required!

Wanted: Persons to do short write ups on the Monthly speaker.

I am not always able to listen to the speaker at our Monthly Thursday meeting and would be pleased to learn if anyone would like to take on this role for me. I would like to have a small team who could take it in turns so that the onus is not just on one person.

All that’s required is short paragraph which gives a flavour of the talk. If you can help me please email me at

Please let Celia Billau have your articles for the next newsletter by email,

To save costs, we wish to distribute the newsletter by email to all those members who have an email address. If you didn’t receive the last newsletter by email and have an email address, please let Celia have the details.

Published newsletters (latest listed first) can be viewed in .pdf format.

Hello and Good Bye

A message from Marie Potts

Celia asked me to write a few words for this, her first newsletter as Editor. I find myself sitting at my computer really at a loss for words which is, I am sure those who know me will agree, totally unlike me.

I took on the newsletter back in 2011 with not a clue about producing such a document. How hard can it be I uttered? Looking back at the first edition it wasn’t hard as there wasn’t much in it! However, thanks to efforts of our wonderful Group Leaders providing me with material, it grew into quite a sizeable magazine. I would like to thank them all for their efforts over the years. It is they who made the Newsletter so brilliant. I would also like to thank Haydn and Jill Boothroyd who have been my eagle-eyed proof readers, and the rest of the committee for their support throughout. Thanks too, to Celia Billau, for being so willing to take on the role and ensure that the newsletter will continue.

Producing the newsletter has been a labour of love and has enabled me to learn “on the job” in terms of computer skills and word processing, which is what U3A is all about. It’s also made me tear my hair out on occasion too!!! But I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. But after almost 7 years it’s time to hang up my Editor Hat and make room for new blood.

Good Luck Celia

I’m sure you will all join me in thanking Marie for her stalwart service as the Newsletter Editor for the past 7 years! This is my first Newsletter that I’ve compiled so I felt that since Marie had done such a good job in the past, I’d better follow suit and keep the layout largely as it is. I’ve revamped the groups pages as this keeps changing so I’ve tried to bring everything up to date. However, over three months, much can change. Please let me know if there are any gaffs.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Celia Billau Communications Officer

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