Ad from the ED. Help Required!

Wanted: Persons to do short write ups on the Monthly speaker.

I am not always able to listen to the speaker at our Monthly Thursday meeting and would be pleased to learn if anyone would like to take on this role for me. I would like to have a small team who could take it in turns so that the onus is not just on one person.

All that’s required is short paragraph which gives a flavour of the talk. If you can help me please email me at

Please let Celia Billau have your articles for the next newsletter by email,

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Additional Bulletins are sent out in between the newsletters and these are only emailed out to members. Other announcements are also made by email. It would help to keep everyone “in the loop” if members with no email provide us with an email buddy email, or if members could keep their friends up to date when they know they don’t receive emails.

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